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Global Specialties Mosquito Battery Charger Kit

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This kit contains parts to assemble a Lithium-ion Polymer battery charger.

These batteries are becoming popular with radio controlled devices, iPods®, MP3, and laptop computers.

Technical Specifications:

•Power Source: 12-15 VDC, more than 600 mA

•Charge Current: 400 mA or 600 mA (selectable)

•Charge: 1 to 2 cells

•Charge Indicator: LED

•Cut Off: Automatic cut-off circuit when battery fully charged

•Power source polarity protected

•PCB Dimensions: 3.73 x 2.44 inches

Operating Principles:

When power source is applied IC2 will regulate the voltage to a suitable amount for charging.

Integrated circuits control the output voltage, switch SW1 controls selectable charge current (H = 600 mA and L = 400 mA), and switch SW2 controls the number of cells (1 cell 3.7 V) an (2 cells 7.4 V).

When battery is fully charged IC1 applies voltage to IC2 and initiates cut-off circuit.

LED�s are on when battery is charging and off when battery is fully charged.